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Project Proposal

Below are the pictures taken a month before typhoon “Ondoy” struck that made us of my family evacuating victims of a disaster. Which up to this present date do not have assurance date that will allow us return anew to our rented home. Our advantage compared with many who are also victims of calamity, is that we are able to evacuate to my sister’s house not in congested evacuation center. Our simple complain is that we hardly receive any assistances from both private and government efforts. The reason I am obliged to sent my communication to appeal assistance because our source of livelihood are inundated. I do not know when is the time for us we can rebuild our lives. I include these picture documents to show activities I undertaken here in Muntinlupa City as my personal contribution to assist mitigate climate change. Because of recent two typhoons that struck our country, in particular, Muntinlupa City, I am not anymore sure in myself whether to continue my activities further in the future. Most probably, I will be compelled to relocate back in my former rural community in Mindanao to help the general community become developed to accomplish improved economic lives benefitting also my own family.

This is my letter of appeal to donors requesting grant financial assistance that I hope you can help me avail their respective approvals.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been researching grant foundations, and I understand you fund many causes which I feel are quiet worthy. I am interested in undertaking a project which I would like you to consider for future funding. Would you be so kind to send me a copy of your proposal guidelines, if it is available.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.



Idea Author-proponent

e-mail address: rdanabo @




Position Principal Idea Author

Status Lone Individual Proponent

Address Door D, A. Rivera Compound

34-A Interior, Barangay Buli

1771, Muntinlupa City, NCR 4


Cellphone # 0920 809 8180

E-mail address

PROJECT LOCATION: Barangay New Visayas, Trento, Agusan del Sur, Caraga Region13,

Mindanao IsIand, Phlippines


Part 1 Organization of All-Professions Environment Consultancy Firm

Part 2 Development of Comprehensive Household Crops Production Module Living Visual Aid Model Farming System

Family Equity to Sought Grant Financial Assistance

· General idea

· Knowledge

· Innovative ideas

· Appropriate technologies

· Personal inventions

· Family labor

· Existing improvements

1. Metro Manila Activities and Expenses

· Secure enterprise ideas costs, technologies and other related information data including created demand requirements of activities from identified institutions

· Register general idea and all other involve specific innovating inventions with identified governmental institution.

· Procurement of all development inputs created demand

2. Mindanao Rural Community Briefing and Expenses

· Brief travel to old rural community including all travel, accommodation, miscellaneous, and representation expense costs.

· Briefing and presentation equipments.

· Real estate tax arrears settlement with Trento LGU.

3. Full blast development of principal idea author proponent’s comprehensive household crops production cum living visual aid model farming system

· Construction of family residential abode

· Installation of complete support systems, like, water supply, and temporary electric utility service.

· One year family temporary living support allowance for seven pax

· Family relocation including shipment of all procured development inputs.

· Reference materials of telephone directories, magazines, books and newspapers

· Vehicles

· Communication

· Development of all full blast pre-development requirements, including but not limiting, to:

· Construction of all structural buildings

· Fabrication and installation of facilities

· Installation of procured equipments

· Development of initial animal crops production units

· Installation of biogas fuel and energy facilities

· Identification and documentation of all production and development areas

4. Farms development protocols

· Existing natural growth young tree wildling identification, and root balled uprooting wildlife conservation

· Land resources simultaneous total clearing.

· Generated debris segregation by forms.

· Processing of all segregated by form debris.

· Physical layout in ground of all planned crops, innovative ideas, and appropriate technologies showcases.

· Final total clearing of tree stump residuals preparatory to thorough land preparation protocols.

· Simultaneous identified as layout of activities development by assigned teams.

5. Initial activities

· Production of required crops production inputs, including;

Fast-processed fertilizer Soil additive and/or mulch

Liquid soil inputs Bamboo slat stakes

Ordinary salt

6. Crops production

Alternative fuel and energy category

v Animal crop production

v Simultaneous Biogas and Solar

v Solar only

· Vehicles

· Communication

· Trade skills tools ad equipment

· Sustenance support crops production

· Farms perimeter security fence system establishment

· Principal crop of mutant coconut and bamboos

· Multiple secondary intercropping of coffees and sugar palm; bananas; pineapple; calabasa; staple crops of corn, rice, kamote and cassava; purple yam and metal trellis

· Natural plant flower pollination limited apiary

· Crops production areas delineating subdivision fencing system

· Natural soil erosion control SALT-NFST hedge terrace along principal crop rows

· Limited cash crop production

· Farming and living support selected crops production

· Multiple aqua crops culture support to plants as irrigation and fertilizer; feeds for animal and food.

· Home-based post-harvest handling and all-food finished processing

· Water supply and irrigation systems

· Crops post-harvest altered drying facility systems

· Operating capital

Part 3 Community Households Population Development

· Vehicles

· Communication

· Trade skills tools

Alternative Fuel and Energy Category

· Animal crop production

· Simultaneous Biogas and Solar

· Biogas only

Compulsory Imposed Crops productions

· Principal crop

· Multiple secondary intercropping

· Farm boundary fencing

· Natural plant flower pollination limited apiary

· Crops production areas delineating subdivision fencing system

· Natural soil erosion control SALT-NFST hedge terrace along principal crop rows

· Limited cash crop production

· Farming and living support selected crops production

· Multiple aqua crops culture support to plants as irrigation and fertilizer; feeds for animal and food.

· Trade skills tools and equipments support

· Home-based post-harvest handling and all-food finished processing

· Water supply and irrigation systems

· Crops post-harvest altered drying facility systems

· Organic sugar production

· Vinegar production

1. Waste Management Category Barangay Level

· Vehicles Communication

· Trade skills tools and all others Vermiculture

· Feeds conversion Paper production

· Charcoal briquette fuel production Cement production

· Coconut trading and processing Dye extraction

· Alcohols extraction Waste outsourcing support

· Packaging form plastic waste category utilization Cement-bonded board production

· Waste oil filter processing

· Lands procurement, and, development into project locations for specific endeavor

· Farm to market road/s and bridge construction, or, rehabilitation

· Green architecture multi-story social housing development program

Waste Management Category Town/City Level

· Waste water solid extraction towards distribution utility service

· Materials recovery facility ( MRF ) development

· Landfill area development

2. Alternative Fuel and Energy Generation Category Barangay Level

· Animal crops production

· Windmill

· Simultaneous Biogas and Solar

· Separate Solar only

Hydro Complex Development

· Biomass to thermal steam energy

· River system energy development

· Community water utility service

· Range water harvesting

· Underwater pressure energy conversion

· Deuterium

· Community irrigation service

· Rainwater collection

· Stratosphere aerosol insertion

· Freshwater resort development

· Hot spring resort development

Supports and Opportunities

· Trading

· Processing

· Tanning

· Leathercraft

· Methane LPG refill

· Energy brokerage

· Milk processing

· Distribution

· Green vehicles and watercrafts manufacturing

· Old model vehicles fuel refitting

3. Afforestation Category Barangay Level

· 20 hectares natural forest reserve and park

· Landmarks fencing

· T-shirt printing and marketing

· Essential oils extraction

· Craft livelihood trainings

· Integrated farming equipments leasing

· Integrated and specialized fishery breeding, cultures and marketing

· Integrated specialized post-harvest handling and finished processing

· Food supplements production

4. Crops Center Provincial/Regional Level

Part 4 Coastal Communities Development Barangay Level

Waste Management Category

· Fish meal processing

· Fish oil extraction

· Shells powder conversion

Alternative Fuel and Energy Category

· Sea tide power

· Windmill

· Separate Solar only

Afforestation Category

· Phase One Nipa palm forest shore line erosion defense

· Phase Two Mangrove trees forest marine life breeding sanctuary

· Coastward floating cages mariculture to further have hanging culture of weeds and shells; sea bottom culture of numerous marine life

· Deep coastward lapu lapu culture

· In shore and coast offshore salt production

· Marine life fry gathering and trading

· Nipa palm numerous yield processing

· Marine resources integrated foods processing

· Oxygen tank refill service

· Mixed inland and coastal resort development

· Themed marine park development

· Marine cloud whitening

· Corals culture

· Corals area rehabilitation

· Shoreline and coast cleanup including red algae peak bloom harvesting

· Sands pumping from deep coast

· Sea grass and seaweeds production area development

Marine resources conservation, through;

· Marine life breeding season total catch ban

· Coast patrol

· Coast monitoring

· National maritime territorial boundary defense

Part 5 Education Program

· Green technology technical/vocational educational institution development

· Pre-schooling age information education development

· Distance education rural areas networking

· Community library

· Sports, Culture, and, Arts Development (SCAD)

Part 6 General and Maternal Health Program

· Auxiliary barefoot doctors training

· Medical education scholarship

· Population control program

Part 7 Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Management

· Complete-facilities evacuation center construction

· Emergency food reserve stockpiling and other basic needs

· Rescue operations appropriate tolls and equipments

· Vehicles including amphibious and rubber boats

· heavy equipments procurement and availability

· Post-disaster rehabilitation

Project Idea Mechanics


Confronting adversities proposed solution idea will capably resolve, will involve;

· Productivities enhancement Opportunities generation

· Rural agricultural sectors development Food security

· Energy security Common basic needs satisfaction

· Gender and culture bias elimination Tourism development

· Brain drain and human trafficking stoppage Urban areas decongestion

· Urban areas resources pressure stoppage Wildlife and habitat conservation

· Eased direct foreign investment attraction Governance change and reform

· Balanced crops production Sustained food supply availability

· Assured healthful quality Price stabilization

· Vital infrastructures development Sustained peace and order

· Nipped ideological cultivation & vulnerability Malnutrition

· Massive climate change facilitated mitigation Massive hunger elimination

· Financial meltdown resolution

· Economic empowerment in lieu of poverty alleviation

· Etcetera more

Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) Program and Three Categories

· The world has reason to thanked all individuals and institutions that framed CDM Program after Kyoto Protocol. It is a very positive step that the international community has agreed to a unanimous consensus about how global climate change will be tackled through its three categories.

· Significance of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Program is its set goals to alleviate poverty in all parts of the globe through indigent countries development and hosting or initiating environmental projects that will cut carbon dioxide and other polluting gases absorbed from atmosphere.

· However, accomplished results after ratification of Kyoto Protocol to implement CDM Program did not result as envisioned be achieved, particularly, environmental project implementation tied to poverty alleviation goal.

· Because of such very dismal results accomplished implementing CDM Program, now on its 9th year, and, will end come 2012; this author was obliged to promulgate solution idea it want to propose to the United Nations Organization.

· It is very unfortunate that Kyoto Protocol and CDM Program, now on its 9th year of implementation, global situation instead of become improved, has spawned more adversities with the birth of financial meltdown.

· The following were the born realities confronting the world after Kyoto Protocol and CDM Program came into birth, to wit;

· Not one of 90 3rd World economies is able to take off identified to become development beneficiaries to mitigate climate change in favor of both financing 1st World countries and the identified indigent development beneficiary sector.

· Until this very date, by year 2012 Kyoto Protocol will end, not one 1st World development financing country were able to comprehend very well how beneficial to them to finance 3rd World country development under CDM Program.

· Not one environmental project proponents and supporters were able to comprehend and able to promulgate single idea how all three categories of CDM Program can be put together in a single sweeping project idea that will exhaustibly-exploit CDM Program benefitting simultaneous both funding and development beneficiary countries.

· Both sectors of 1st and 3rd World countries have yet to agree unanimously promulgation of single development pattern model that all development beneficiary countries will subscribe towards implementation that will result to massive facilitated climate change mitigation.

· Not much was accomplished because up to now both representatives of two negotiating stakeholder sectors cannot agree how funds can be channeled but without wastage by developing beneficiary countries.

Author’s Emphasis

· To begin with, author do not make any claim of any sort that this proposed general solution idea will yield to immediate results, in the short term of climate change mitigation.

· This proposed solution idea will take time, process, and will entail very, very huge development investments.

· Development will utilize a single pattern in accordance to elaborated details by author. In results, this author do not self-concern self about how communities will make respective decisions. General solution idea will be introduced as the nationwide concrete action plan.

Implementation Proper

· Basically, proposed solution idea is inclined more on rural agricultural sectors development. But it will not mean that proposed solution idea will not apply to any other communities of different geographic environment categories. It can be adapted depending in existing environment and needs requiring solution. Bottom line is it must be under a single development pattern, irrespective of social acceptance and decision. That should this proposed solution idea result to fruition need and must succeed that fate experienced by Kyoto Protocol will not be repeated. It is desired further by lone individual author proponent, should this idea be materialized at the start of another new international treaty to follow after Kyoto Protocol, mitigation of climate change will shorten, fast-tracked facilitated, and eventually successful.

· It was intentionally-promulgated with open mind in expanded focus and perspective horizons factoring and consideration.

· Instead of very much over-used phrase, poverty alleviation, in its lieu, will be replaced by economic empowerment because, at end-result, it is the real score desire that will be accomplished when this proposed solution idea is subscribe into adaption by any community and its governing administration LGU , and, replicating foreign countries..

· To accomplish the desired results, formula is very simple. It need and must be that, in all communities, all possible full-range livelihood opportunities be made available. That both household population and community are undertaking separate range of endeavors that will improve productivities. The key to generate initial opportunities and additional more opportunities to being undertaken.

· Even at limited scales but for as long as all possible livelihood opportunities are available physically, it will result to great number total of employment opportunity in over-sufficiency based from needs. The reason focus is in rural areas are because in the country sides working elbow rooms are so open compared to developed urban centers.

· Author desire to make Philippine agriculture to be improved but to pursue must not be the great contributor of global warming. Rather, be on the forefront to heal it, and all other forms of confronting adversities successfully resolve in one sweeping solution action plan like this author has promulgated.

Mechanics Proper

· To bankroll real world development is where demands will be created. Created demands will be in these forms of requirements; very huge amount development investments; to procure vehicles; communication; documentation gadget; tools; equipments; machineries; paraphernalia; utensils; wide-range coverage materials in host array of activities; technologies; and services.

· To cope and sustain development created demand requirements, it is but natural to expect forced to close manufacturing plants, offices, and banks will reopen anew. Once reopened anew, it will recall back its retrenched workforce. To sustain coping demands, it is highly probable hiring more of new and additional manpower.

· In such environment, massive lost employment, in many parts of the world will be revived. With revived employment host of people will not be stalked with poverty and hunger. Significance of proposed solution idea is that, even development peak are reached, to the hilt, demand will not slack to wane dry. Rather, demands will continue because of wear and tear maintenance needs and ageing infrastructures and component facilities will need replacements.

· In post-development environment, with people had become economic empowered, will demand for more goods and services, in the luxury side. Thus, more industries will benefit. Kindly imagine the reach, scale, and magnitude when development dispersed in all other 89 3rd World replicating countries. Resulting guessed projection result to such overwhelming totals.

· Before funds will come in, it is necessary that each community identified for development must first be documented-complete aspects are done well. Community complete-aspects documentation will be handled by the Part 1 component of proposed solution idea organized all-profession consultancy firm. Said firm will also be responsible to attract direct foreign investors, managed funds and banking and all other endeavor undertaking related to climate change projects materialization.

· All members of G-20 countries and including all possible funding institutions will be the principal stakeholders related to finances. Suggested alternative option from principal idea author proponent, can be, members of G-20 economies can agree among themselves which member/s will service consolidated or clustered group of 3rd World countries as development beneficiary partners. This particular suggestion when heard and considered in its weight value will not “spread thin the butter” of all members of the G-20 group.

· Fund donor/s will deal direct to individual community development beneficiaries through a committee. The committee members will be composed of these members, to wit; in particular case of Barangay New Visayas, principal lone individual idea author proponent, community elected barangay head, community non-government head/s, youth, women, head teacher, and representative from community elders (senior citizen sector).

· Identified community development beneficiary, after thorough documentation by organized consultancy firm will be made to contribute its own development funding equity counterpart it can collect from all individual household beneficiaries.

· To develop a community, it is not enough there is a single development pattern model, and, thorough development documentation. It must and need be that it is well-supported with well-planned blueprinted urban development plan for guidance.

· Drawn urban development plan for each community must and need be capable sufficient that community are not just developed but it must be guaranteed development plan will result to full-complement desired benefits to result in all-possible-livelihood-opportunities-availability will materialize separating set for household population from community managed enterprises.

· In post-development time, community project development management will be handled and become the responsibility of community cooperative NGO.

· Author proponent, so specify, this specific term because it is necessary very important that community invoke self-governance independently not dictated by any outsider entity.

· Governmental regulatory functions will be well-coordinated and all requirements are all complied first, no short-cutting compromise but must rather be transparent and well-documented.

· Author community base will be Barangay New Visayas. Will own arena of complete support for entire Caraga Region 13.

· In all other Philippines regions, existing community cooperative NGOs will be assigned with authority to oversee and manage, thereafter, development end-results but subject to periodic audit by an external audit firms, either, SGV, Cunanan or any other reputable auditing firm.

· Author specifically express this particular policy because, as a person with age and short-remaining life, health and energy because of contracted diabetes disease, status may possibly not bear the rigors of stressed lifestyle in constant travels.

· This proposed solution idea that emanate from the Philippines, authored by a lone individual Filipino, is desired that all its full-range components be specifically realized for consumption and enjoyment of the Philippines only.

· For all other 89 3rd World countries that will replicate the Philippine model solution idea, country and funding representatives must sign a legal agreement to develop all other development replicating countries, will not be allowed full-range replication of most vital and important enterprises, harmful to both the Philippines and funding donor’s trade and industry.

· Legal agreement must bear Philippine-interest protection safeguarding absorbing markets for yield outputs that will result adapting this solution idea in nationwide scale. Caution simply to mean that not all full-range development endeavors can be allowed franchised to all other foreign replicating development beneficiary countries.

· The best option Philippine representative and fund country donor/s must do is; identify each cluster of development beneficiary countries, thence, identify specific endeavors such cluster will be allowed to undertake. Philippine representative and fund donor country must agree to a legal agreement which country will undertake what undertaking. Not one replicating country will be allowed to undertake all endeavors similar in the Philippines situation that not a single community can have monopoly of all enterprise undertakings. Policy is important instilled and adhered strictly to guarantee equitable distribution of wealth.

· Philippine interests and that of funding country’s very important industry need and must be protected through mutual agreement and approval of both the Philippines and funding donor/s.


· The Philippines delisting from 3RD World after nationwide development, at par, with 1st Worlds.

· Development of all 89 3rd World countries.

· Simultaneous resolution of both climate change massive facilitated successful mitigation, and, global financial meltdown.

· G-20 countries need not be afflicted with paranoia as there are nothing negative results that will happen.

· Rather, global peace, order, progress and prosperity will prevail.

· World assured of fuels and electric energy supply-availability security in over-sufficient supply volumes transported through mixed submarine cables and overland transmission towers.

· Short supply resolution is to have glut in supply of energy in all areas/countries.

· Productions improve in efficiencies Enhanced yield outputs

· Low cost crops productions Supply stability

· Assured healthful quality Sustained availability

· Competitive prices Balanced crops production

· Economic empowerment not alleviated poverty Generated opportunities

· Reduced if not eliminated forms confronting adversities resolution.

· Ensured and promotion of equitable wealth distribution.

Intellectual Property Right and Author’s Financial Revenues

· It is a fact that this proposed solution idea is a mind product of a lone individual author proponent. Should there any community and its governing administration LGU convey message of interest to subscribe into adaption this said proposed solution idea, author will seek one-time 10 % financial benefits from combined households and community total project costs.

· Author will not seek any additional financial income once combined total project costs are determined. In return, author assume and assure to shoulder responsibility to be on hand to assist in implementing development details in accordance to promulgated proposal and single pattern that may perhaps and possibly result based from community social acceptance, irrespective of decided endeavors it will undertake and end-result to materialize.

· When proposed solution idea is subscribe towards direct and physical materialization by any community and foreign country, author proponent will let the community have majority of enterprise livelihood undertakings transferred or given at will. It is despite the fact that author proponent know so well each enterprise idea. The 10 % IPR financial earning is more than sufficient for the family of author proponent to enjoy n their lifetime.

· Besides there are the developed farms as primary source of income to depend on. By design, it is intentional to develop the farms in such end-result so that it will be thoroughly productive.

Personal Plans of Author Proponent

· Priority in the plans is to establish Part 2 component of proposed solution idea through grant financial assistance from donors. Logic is simply at this time, author proponent do not have the sufficient financial capability to realize in physical the component.

· It is not necessarily the intent by author to establish the specific component separate from the other household population of the community. It is just that, majority of individual farming residents are low in educational attainment. Explaining verbally without benefit of living specimen showcase will make exerted efforts futile.

· Even there is or are resident/s with higher attainment, it is my past experience in the community that the people are not that capable enough to understand all-verbal explanations. It is because part of the problem of low education attainment is the undeveloped comprehension skills. Meaning, the people find it difficult to create invisible scenarios about how particular knowledge I impart grasped in total comprehension.

· This very unfortunate concern is also true with sophisticated-educated early environmental idea projects proponents and funding supporters, as a glaring example. I am not boasting to compare my person, but it is the case about environmental project ideas, worldwide. I learn of such real environment results from monitoring newspaper articles.

· Without such monitored newspaper articles, I cannot be able to promulgate this proposed solution idea very easily.

· Should I be assisted financially in grant form by Samaritan donors, I will pursue an advocacy to impart host of learned knowledge in many topics of interests to the people through established farming system. As a form of personal community social response, I will impart knowledge to all individuals that will interest to visit the farms, both cost-free. But do not include in the package, food, transportation and board accommodations.

· When funds will still be available, it is desired to establish replicated farming system in all provinces, one model each. Logic of such idea and plan is to assist marginalized farming individuals that may convey interest to learn knowledge at very prohibitive costs of travelling very long distances from home.

· About grant financial assistance inflows, I intend to receive all remittances through Western Union outlet franchised to Ebiz firm in its Montillano Street branch, Alabang, Muntinlupa City as my official receiving branch.

· Thereafter, funds are received by me, I will deposit it in my preferred depository bank, located also in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

· Later, I will open a website to inform and update all fund donors status of cash inflows I receive via Western Union. At this point of my activity, I will deposit until a large sum are accumulated and will withdraw just amounts based from detailed plans of activities that require accomplished. An update will also be included in a website I will open to assure fund donors of my sincerity and transparency in managing funds they entrusted to my person for positive objectives materialization.

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